Plastic Propeller Data Reports

Plastic Prop 004

A propellers performance depends on the distribution of blade angles along its radius. The blade angles must correspond to the advance ratio, the ratio of forward speed to rotational speed. For a fast climb, a low pitch is preferred. For slow cruise and descent a higher pitch is preferred. For moderate performance in all phases of flight, a mixed pitch might be preferred. I have measured the blade angles of several propellers. These reports may be useful in judging the performance of various props.

Hawaiian Honu Kite

Honu Kite 001

Many interesting kite designs come from Pacific Oceana; Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand and the many other islands of Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia. There are many forms and materials that are not seen elsewhere. This one is known as Honu after the sea turtle whose carapace it resembles.