Model Airplane Building and Flying Sunday

There will be indoor model airplane building and flying in the Moreland Community Center Gym on Sunday, September 12, 2010, from 4 to 7 PM. The address is 1850 Fallbrook Avenue in San Jose, 95130. Fallbrook is off Campbell Avenue, between Saratoga Avenue and San Tomas Expressway. There is no charge for students, builders, flyers or observers.

This will be the second to last time we will be able to use the Gym. This is your opportunity to finish and fly planes that were not finished the last time we were able to use the Gym on June 13.

Nats News

The final report on the Indoor Free Flight portion of the National Aeromodeling Championships was made on June 10. You can read it and all the other reports here:

There is a picture of Mr. Young in the June 10th report.

Big Pussycat Tutorial

The illustrated instructions for building a Big Pussycat were sent out as a series of emails in 2008. I finally got as much of it as I could up on the Oakland Cloud Dusters web site here:

I was not able to put up all the photos because my computer crashed and I lost some of the pictures. If you have any of the emails on covering the fuselage and wing with tissue, please forward them to me.

Rubber Band Powered Flying Machines Postal

If you build and fly any of the planes from the Klutz book of the heading, report your times to me and I will enter them in the First Great International Rubber Band Flying Machines Postal Contest:

Hope to see you Sunday,

Gary Hinze

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