Denny Dart II Flight Test Video No. 3

This is with 300 turns. That is as high as I went.

The turns table for the motor:

8 1/4″ loop of 3/32″
119.9 tpi
% Break Turns
100 989
95 940
90 890
85 841
80 791
75 742
70 692

You can see I didn’t get anywhere close to the capacity of this motor. It is already overpowered, zooming into stalls.

When I get it sorted, I will be using a longer, thinner motor with many more than 300 turns.  The ceiling in the Gym will limit the number of turns that may be used indoors, but Bill has said he gets nearly a minute and this will do more than the 78 seconds I got with my AMA Cub.

I found my Dandiflyer prop.  It was on my Squirrel and is only 6″.  I will use a red North Pacific Star flyer prop assembly.  I might try some ROG.

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