Trying some different methods of making Squirrels


I made some different Squirrel kits up to give some different construction methods a try.

In the pictures you can see two prototype kits. One has foam parts and the other has interlocking balsa parts.

There is some satisfaction to having interlocking parts. Higher precision and more of a sense that you have the right part in the right place.

But it doesn’t favor building right on the tissue. It’s harder to get the alignment if your sticking the pieces down. Without interlocking parts, it is much more forgiving as to where you stick the pieces to the tissue.

2 thoughts on “Trying some different methods of making Squirrels

  1. I think you’re right. For DIY, the original design is hard to beat.

    If this is adopted for the kits (and if it is, it would probably take quite some time to settle on what’s right), I’d keep the original design to be available. Perhaps even keep kits with the original design.

    I’m a little torn between doing a Squirrel Mk II, or spending time on some completely new designs.

  2. I like the idea of interlocking parts — even though one can’t as easily build right on the tissue, if the parts ensure alignment one can glue stick the completed frame and lay it on the tissue after assembly. It does get a little further away from the free plan version — interlocking parts require precision cutting that’s probably out of reach of beginning builders — but in my opinion increases the ease of building from the kit.

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