Squirrels in Turkey

Here’s a note from Alp Tekin Ozan in Turkey:

I was about to establish an aeromodelling club here, in Edirne / TURKEY, to mostly deal with free flight classes, but at the stage of formalities the “would be” founding members abstained to take responsibilty run away by putting comic excuses. So, it seems that this idea should be deferred.

I, however, am also a member of the “Modellers Club” located at Istanbul, and I think, I may act as the representative of it, and administer my project “The FIRST STEP INTO the SKIES”. On November, 7’th there is an indoor competition at the Air Cadets Academy; I will consult the matter with friends there. Below, is a short explanation of the project:

The target audience of the project are the youngest possible pupils of the primary schools, that is 4’th, 5’th, 6’th, 7’th and 8’th classes.
The Goal is to introduce the aeromodelling to them and to make positive contributions to their cultural, social and sportive developmet, or at least, to accompany them as they take their first steps. Another goal, is to select talented kids to progress with
P30, F1-A and F1-H and 2 Meter RC-Glider classes.
The Project is a 2 days weekend activity with one or one and a half day for building the Squirrel as the course model an then flight
including a small picnic, too. During the course, the pupils should also be thought to build a Squirrel and other simple models, using a half foam board, simple tools and materials that easily available in their environment.
The project shuld be repeated in weekends at different schools, even including the neighboring village schools.
It would be better to enhance/support the project visually by using a video, a power point presentation of the next steps models, or much more better, by showing the real models.

This is my project in summary, which I am planning to make a human source for the “club”, not now perhaps but in close future.

With best regards of mine, to every one.