Squirrel Tote V1

Squirrel tote box


I’ve seen a lot of planes get damaged when kids carry them home from my workshops. Dogs, siblings, parents, wind and other hazards cause a lot of damage.  

I’ve tried having the kids bring boxes and about half show up with a box that is smaller than the plane. Using big boxes to put lots of planes in is haphazard.  

I tried carrying them back and forth for the kids (between sessions) but that’s a lot of work.  

I have been experimenting with various ideas and this is the current version.  

It’s a little box that can hold one or two Squirrels with the wings removed.  

One thought on “Squirrel Tote V1

  1. Transporting the model planes sure can be a problem, I remember holding a class on a windy day and a bunch of the kid’s parents had called the event coordinator to say that the model planes were destroyed in the wind taking them home. I built a bunch of planes for them to pick up on a better day.

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