Squirrel featured in documentary

Abby Vara

A documentary was just filmed on myself as an inventor. Quite a bit of focus went onto the Squirrel project.

This will give another audience to our model airplane hobby.

Plus when we were doing a shoot in a field to get some flying, we exposed a bunch of kids to model planes.

We had a lot of fun flying the planes. The Squirrels kept flying out of the park, it was great.

One thought on “Squirrel featured in documentary

  1. Abby is launching very close to those trees!

    The Squirrel likes to fly in left circles. If yours does that, keep the flight path in mind when you launch. First, you will need an open area large enough to contain the circle. Second, launch with your left shoulder pointing to the center of the field so you are on the perimeter of the circle and the center of the circle is near the middle of the field. If there is wind, keep wind drift in mind. Start from close to the upwind end of the field. Put only enough turns into the motor that the plane will land before it drifts off the field.

    You may need a long pole to recover airplanes from trees and roofs. I have used long bamboo poles that let me reach about 25 feet. Those poles will not fit in my car. I got a 31 foot Jackite pole that telescopes from a 48″ length. It fits in my car. With a bamboo extension, I can reach up to about 42 feet high. You can get a pole here:


    While you are there, look at the bird kites.

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