Squirrel 1:14 Donald Qualls

Here’s a flight from Donald Qualls.

Flight details:

I attended another fun fly with CAFFA (Carolina Area Free Flight Association) today in Raeford, NC, and after a few minor adjustments and one significant tweak, got a very good flight with my Squirrel.

This is still a stock squirrel, built according to the free plans, except that I removed the toothpick rear motor hook and its brace, and replaced them with a wire hook that will retain the motor after power runs out, thus allowing the Squirrel to glide (it doesn’t glide well, but it doesn’t just dive for the ground). With a fresh loop of 1/8″ FAI Tan Super Sport a couple inches longer than the hook spacing, lubed and stretch wound to 1200 turns, I was able to record a flight of one minute, fourteen seconds (1:14). I expect I’ll be able to better this in the future, with a somewhat longer motor (which will eliminate the loop-and-dance that took the model out of frame for a few seconds, by reducing initial torque a bit) — and this is still a completely stock Squirrel airframe, made with wood stripped from a Hobby Lobby plank and Esaki tissue, and using the original size and type propeller.

3 thoughts on “Squirrel 1:14 Donald Qualls

  1. Soy un Aeromodelista de Chile, y quiero tener el plano del modelo que se comenta.
    En una oportunidad realice un pedido, pero nunca ha llegado.
    Por favor si me pueden indicar como puedo conseguir un plano o un esquema con medidas, especialmente del fuselage.

    1. I have translated this as best I can, using Google translate:
      I am a modeler of Chile, and want to have the plane model that is discussed.
      One time ordering, but it never arrived.
      Please indicate if I can get a plan with measurements, especially the fuselage.

      Eduardo, the plans are available here: Squirrel

      You can also use my tutorial to build a Simpler, Lighter Squirrel or an AMA Cub Squirrel.

      You will find the Squirrel to be a lot of fun, with surprisingly good flight performance.

      I will ask Darcy about the ordered kit that did not arrive.


      1. Eduardo, los planes están disponibles aquí: Ardilla

        También puede utilizar mi tutorial para construir una más simple, Ardilla encendedor o un AMA Cub Ardilla.

        Usted encontrará la ardilla a ser un montón de diversión, con sorprendente buen funcionamiento de vuelo.

        Pediré Darcy sobre el kit ordenó que no llegó.

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