A Briefcase Collapsible Squirrel Carrying Box to Spread the Model Airplane Message

I often carry a Squirrel model airplane in my knapsack or briefcase.

This means I can fly it when I want and share it with more people.

As model airplane types know, bringing a model airplane with you is a challenge.

I’ve been using the briefcase modification for the Squirrel model airplane which fits in a small flat box which fits almost anywhere (example 1, example 2).

As it turns out, it’s easy to make a box out of cardboard. I didn’t expect that it would be rigid enough but I tried it anyway. I made a template so my box maker could make the parts to be glued together. It came out quite nice.

I think it’s a great way to transport a model plane. This can be done by hand so I thought I’d share the design here.

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