New model for Science Olympiad and schools


I want to make a new design for the model plane competitions in schools.

I know a lot of kids use the Squirrel design for Science Olympiad but it needs some modification.

Whenever I inquired people would try to sell me the rule book.

According to this link, the Sorcerer is used sometimes with some modification.

Does anybody know what the rules are? I’d like to get a sense of how they are changing from year to year so I can make a design that is likely to qualify.

I also keep hearing the term “TSA Flight Endurance Competition”. Does anybody know what that is?

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3 thoughts on “New model for Science Olympiad and schools

  1. SO rules this year (or last year?) included a rubber powered helicopter event. for div “B” Middle school? site( shows a picture of a (ceiling walker) style with built up props on opposite ends of a motor stick…. Where does this fit into current competition? ( simplified rules are rotors less than 25 cm diameter, minimum bare weight 3 grams)

    Mine flew about 90 seconds on loop of 1/8 and needed no adjustment at all.

    By the way…60 degree swept back prop tips helped a lot.

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