Make a Flight Log Book

It is a good idea to record your flight data in a logbook, so if you need to refer back, you have a permanent record and don’t have to depend on your memory. Logs are especially important if you are doing any kind of flight testing.

I save the recycled sheets from my computer printer to make small logs that fit conveniently in my shirt pocket. I stack the sheets that have enough blank area to make pages in alternating sets of five.

I take five at a time and fold them in half.

The crease can be sharpened by pressing with a small block of wood. This is done with a sliding action, going across and down.

These are cut along the crease with a slight sawing action, drawing the knife as it is pulled outward.

Each of these sets of fiveĀ half page sheets are folded and cut in the same way.




These quarter page sheets are sorted into those that have any ink on them (right) and those that have no ink on them (left), either side.

These quarter page sheets are then taken up in bundles of five or six and folded.


And stapled in two places.

There you go, finished logbook. Make several while you are at it. The remaining bits can be folded and cut to make smaller bits of individual note paper for phone messages, shopping lists, book marks and the like.

Write the name of the airplane, the date and any other pertinent information on the front cover. Inside you can record the date, flying site, weather, other conditions, dimensions of rubber motor, number of turns, flight duration and any exciting adventures you have with trees or dogs!

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