Girls and Squirrels

One of the funny things that happens when I bring Squirrels into a public venue such as a pub is that the ladies are often willing to help pose with the Squirrels. 🙂

They may or may not opt into making some Squirrels. But one thing that’s for sure, for some reason all the guys around suddenly want to make one.

2 thoughts on “Girls and Squirrels

  1. Hi Gary,

    It will be interesting to see how many girls try it out in this community. So far I have one guy on board. He’s made about 4 of them.


  2. We and others have found that girls do very well with model airplanes. They listen, follow instructions, work patiently and carefully. There is a social aspect to model aviation. Girls like it better when there are other girls around. Model aviation has been promoted as a thing for boys. It is a thing for girls, too.

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