Gearing up for first foam workshop

foam squirrels

I made up a pile of Squirrels in foam to try at a workshop.

I’ve not booked it yet but will probably get it done this week.

There are 4 challenging steps (of 10 step) when making Squirrels out of these parts.

I am working on some solutions but I’m going to run the workshops just to see what will happen.

Perhaps a discovery will come forward.

2 thoughts on “Gearing up for first foam workshop

  1. Foam opens up possibilities for simple construction. The planes in the Klutz book Rubber Band Powered Flying Machines are an example. You can read how I get them to fly well by clicking “Klutz RBPFM” in the Models box to the right. Parts from the Klutz planes may be used to make other planes of your own design. I get foam from .

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