Fun Day


I was invited to attend a small get together at a school with some Squirrels. It was a lot of FUN!

I took the opportunity to test some foam experiments as well as get some Squirrel kits out into the wild.

I was very pleased that I actually had fans. I had parents and children come up to me that had been in Squirrel workshops from the city library, cubs and scouts, schools and more.

I encourage my model airplane friends across the world: Get a small batch of planes together and share them with the general public. It’s fun and makes a difference.

What was learned:

-One good way of taking video and launching a plane is to have the camera round your neck.

-Kids don’t get what it is unless you physically demonstrate it.

-Kids don’t like making things. We need to make things easy. Or this art will disappear. Easy wins.

3 thoughts on “Fun Day

  1. My observations are identical to Gary’s, the kids do like to build but it has to be simple at the start. Besides being impatient, people (adults included) do not visualize how building projects go together.

  2. Kids are impatient, like adults. It is not that they don’t like building things. It is that they have no experience building things. They have not learned that being patient and doing many small, tedious steps can produce very wonderful results. That is part of what we teach with model aviation. Some of our students have gotten to like building things.

    1. Yeah, that’s been my agenda from the start. To get people making things.

      But we need to have some compelling entry points into our hobby. There is competition for face-time by games, televisions, microwaves and other immediate-gratification-button pushing.

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