Foam Planes at Squirrel-O-Rama last night


Small turn out last night but we had fun and I learned a few things.

The young lady at the right wrote messages on her plane in different colors. She then passed her plane around to everybody asking them to write a message. Very interesting and fun. If I could get her to hang out at all Squirrel-O-Ramas she’d be great for PR. ­čÖé

One the technical side, the number of steps for the foam Squirrel is about 10 if you count every small thing.

It is simple enough that you can batch them together into four batches .

A-Wing seat
B-Fin, toothpick, brace
C-Tailplane leading edge, tailplane to boom
D-Wing leading edge, trailing edge, winglets

There are still two steps that are challenging.

One is the tail plane. I think this will be corrected if I cut the foam out so that the curve is along the tail plane span rather than the chord. Then it will be a straight piece of foam being glued to the tailboom.

The winglets also are tricky. I glued one with and without a balsa brace. What I found is that the winglets become very flexible. You can straighten the winglet out and it will spring back. I will have to try this a few more time sand see other people doing it some more. It might be okay. It seems if you just stick the winglets on, they naturally fall about 30 degrees which actually is probably optimal anyways.


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