Flying Models magazine is one of the best sources of information for simple model airplanes.  The July 2011 issue has an article “Getting Started in Model Building”  by John Walker,  pages 58-63,  with full size plans for four models intended for beginners.   There is a stick ROG (Rise Off Ground),  a flying wing,  an autogiro and a twin propeller tractor.   The nice thing about simple models like these is that they encourage experimentation.   Try different shapes for the wing,  stabilizer and fin,  for example.  If you would like to start building with simple planes,  or if you teach,  go get a copy,  or order one from the publisher here: .  While you are visiting their web site,  scroll down in the left column to Centerfold Plans and check out the Big Pussycat by Dick Baxter and the 57-Minute Wonder,  another design by John Walker.

Even if you are an experienced modeler,  these simple planes can be relaxing fun.

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