FLOAT – Inspiring Indoor Free Flight Documentary

FLOAT is a documentary currently being filmed that explores the fascinating world of indoor free flight rubber powered model airplanes. Indoor is a hobby pursued by people from all walks of life and many countries around the world. It has never been captured before in such remarkable detail. Competitors design, construct, and fly ultra lightweight airplanes powered only by a wound rubber band.   These airplanes must fly so slowly to achieve long flights that they appear to FLOAT.

WEIGHING AS LITTLE AS A DOLLAR BILL, the planes are free-flight, meaning that they do not use any manual remote controls to fly, relying only on the skill of the builder and the design in order to stay aloft. This hobby embodies the root of all modern aviation, as the first powered fixed wing flying device capable of stable flight was the Planophore model airplane designed by Alphonse Pénaud in 1871 and powered by a rubber band. Alphonse’s design for a helicopter influenced the Wright Brothers.

View the inspiring trailer here.  This link gives the history of the FLOAT project.  The organizers are requesting financial support to complete the project and they are providing incentives, such as indoor model airplane kits, for contributors.



The picture at the top of this post shows an E-Z Penny built by a 10 year old in one of our kids classes.  The plane was designed by George Xenakis for kids and the kit, K-302, is produced by Lee’s Hobbies, K-Line Models.



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