Field kit for rubber-power, free-flight flying

I usually travel pretty light but sometimes when I’m going to be out for a while I bring a whole pile of stuff.

-Small Scale (1/10g accuracy)
-Lubrication for rubber
-Business cards
-glue sticks
-kraft glue
-vernier calipers
-Camera memory card
-Camera batteries
-Camera (not shown) 🙂
-Wing mount elastics for Squirrel
-Some bits of balsa for repair
-Notepad and pencils
-Rubber stamp that has my contact info (for plane wings and any other object)
-Spare propellors
-Spare rubber
-small box cutter or exacto knife
-winding stooge made from coat hangar

2 thoughts on “Field kit for rubber-power, free-flight flying

  1. The winder, the winder! Don’t forget the winder!

    Some other things commonly found in my field kit:

    turns tables for the motors I will be using
    pocket calculator
    knot lube (50% lube)
    tape measure
    razor blade
    recovery line, baggie and ball
    recovery pole (Jackite 30′)
    first aid kit

    For a quick trip to a nearby small park, I might bring only the airplane and a short motor, handwind only enough turns for some fun flying, nothing high enough to get stuck in trees.

    If I am doing torque testing, I will need the torque meter and hooks to engage the propeller.

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