Fall edition of the WNYFFS Thermal Journal

Boy building a model airplane as girl watches. Robstown, Texas, January 1942. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Arthur Rothstein. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

Western New York Free Flight Society’s Thermal Journal just came out. It features this awesome color picture from 1942.

It’s a great picture of a boy with a model airplane. Looks like he’s hammering the propeller on.

“The Western NY Free Flight Society began in the late 1960’s with a few modelers. Today the Society now numbers nearly 100 members in 9 states and Canada. For over 30 years the club has hosted the Empire State Free Flight Championships in late summer, as well as a “fun fly”, each spring, both are held in Geneseo, NY. Powered by rubber, gas, diesel, electric, CO2, compressed air or that old
standby- muscle, these events exact the best from the planes and presents the fascinating challenge of outdoor free flight to the folks attending. There is no “off season” in free flight. Once outdoor season ends, the WNYFFS sponsors several indoor flying opportunities in the Rochester area.”

I didn’t realize that color photography was available then so I did a couple of google searches and found this collection of pictures on America before World War II. The picture in the journal is in that collection which is in the Library of Congress in USA.

The same google search also revealed these pictures which have a model plane and also show the sense of the time.




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