Donated some Squirrels to a local Robotics Competition


There is a robotics competition that is organized by Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts.


I donated a bunch of Squirrels as prizes.

I think this sort of thing is is good for our sport/hobby.

Consider donating something to local events!

Here is the bill of goods they have as prizes:

* 3PI Robot + USB Programmer
* Baby Orangutan B-323 + USB AVR programmer
* Micro Maestro 6-channel servo controller
* 3 Microchip PicKit3 in-circuit debuggers/programmers
* $100 gift certificate at Active Electronics here in town
* TI Stellaris Evalbot robot kit
* Fingertech Gold Spark motors (and possibly wheels to go with them)
* A bundle of digital multimeters
* A bundle of Squirrel free-flight model airplanes

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