Denny Dart II Flight Tests

I got over to the park early enough to get some flying in before the wind made it too risky.

This is the plane with the plastic prop bearing providing downthrust. I added a small paper rudder, bent to give left turn, otherwise it goes straight when the power comes off. It would take off straight cross country from apogee and disappear over the horizon otherwise. First flights with wing in the original position showed a slight phugoid, so I moved the wing back about 1/2″. CG was then at 0.825″ back of the leading edge. That may have been too much. Flew fine, but came down steeply. That was actually a good thing, kept it out of the trees at the downwind side of the field. 1,600 turns, 74%. 17″ loop of 0.083″ Tan SS. The flight was about a minute and a half, landed just inside the fence. I decided to not risk any more turns. I need a bigger field for that. This one is only about 350 feet across.

I am satisfied that this is a very capable little airplane.


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