Delta Wing Experiment #2

Further to the Delta Wing  Glider development.

Check out the photos of the glider that has been scaled up to A4 size. I then doubled the scale to twice A4 size where it is made in two halves like the Mama Bug and then the two wing halves were taped together. Could not go bigger as my printer only takes A4 size.

All these gliders were made by printing directly on the foam sheet which was sliced and then cut to A4 size. The foam was also made a little thicker for the larger sizes to ensure sufficient rigidity. Nose weight for the A4 size glider was a sliced plastic straw. For the Jumbo Delta wing I just put a whole straw. The weight was just right with only a little snipping. Needed to make a trade off between angle of elevator and weight of nose to get a glide that was slow enough to walk along without stalling. Noticed that as you reduce the nose weight  (all up weight) the angle of elevator needed to be reduced to have a slow glide without stalling.

See the short video of printing directly on foam which shows what I did.

Videos of the Jumbo Delta Wing and A4 Delta Wing in flight coming up shortly.




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