Dayton Experiments


I have been doing more experiments for the Dayton project.

Here is an embodiment that has increased surface area. It uses a lot of foam but th parts are cut concentrically from the foam so tissue can fill in the blanks. This gives a lower wing loading and also a lower cost of construction. It also saves time because in one cut you are creating two edges for the plane.

There are a number of issues I’m working on. Most notable is the wing mount. I am going to use ouchless hair elastics on this prototype. On a production version I may use a laser cut chunk of foam to create the wing mount. It will have a curve and be glued to the bottom. It will have the angle of incidence engineered into it.

Still some debate about angle of attack, which way the wing should face (this way may improve roll stability with sweep) and some other stuff.

The laser cut ones will have some organic like curves. That will come down the pipe soon.

Just a thought for now.

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