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Gary Hinze

Teacher of simple model aviation from California.  I have taught kids classes and wish to teach more adults to become teachers.  This site is a way to multiply my effort to a larger audience. You can see a list of all my posts here:


Darcy Whyte

InventorArtistThe EndlessLift project is facilitated by Darcy Whyte, inventor, artist and software developer. Designer of Squirrel rubber band plane which has become popular world wide. He is a promoter of simple aviation and does volunteer and community work. You can see other projects at including Dinky Motor, Painting Robot, Firefly and much more.

Darcy’s EndlessLift posts.

Bill Kuhl

The famous

Bill’s EndlessLift posts.

Occasional Contributors

Tom Wright, Thomas Buchwald (link), Anant Narayanan, Phil Rossoni (link)

4 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. This is the first time in 50 years since I have built and flown a model plane. I have forgotten a part of my childhood. I enjoyed it more now then I did 50 years . Thank you sincerest Douglas Dickinson

  2. Anyone ever hear of a simple airplane called – Double Whammy – ? Is it considered
    a good beginner model? Is it a good flier? Where can it be purchased?

    Thank you,

    1. Double Whammy is a lightweight indoor duration model. It is recommended by the NFFS as a good beginner indoor competition model. Plans and instructions for both a simple and more sophisticated version may be found here:

      I don’t know of a kit. Double Whammy is a Pennyplane class model. There are many kits available for Pennyplane models. Pennyplanes are more delicate than most beginner models. They require more care and patience to build and fly. They require a large, high ceiling room with still air to fly.

      If you would like to try indoor flying with a prebuilt model, try an IKARA plane.

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