Community Work


This is my friend Tom who has been doing volunteer work with me.

I actually met Tom in the robotics community when I was exploring new ideas and technologies for making model planes.

Here he is at one of the community center gigs.

As you can see we’ve managed to get a gym for the kids.

We have it booked a bunch of times over the next few months so it’s going to be a lot of fun.

I’m going to start bringing a couple of Squirrels of my own to get some good flying in!


Here he is looking at my new Squirrel-Tote design.

I designed it in Google Sketchup and I cut them out on my CNC mill. I use a 1/16th, 4 flute end mill at 8500 rpm. It cuts at about 100in/min.

This is do the kids can get their projects home and back without damage.

We are just deploying these now. There are only about 4 of them out.

Tom and I also do workshops in nursing homes.