Community Volunteer work with Squirrel Model Airplanes

On Monday evening my friend Tom and I did a flying and building session at a local community center.  It was a blast. This group has managed to get building mostly solved. In fact, during the building session, I was able to have the more experienced kids show the new kids how to make the planes. We are now working on flying however. No kids in this group have broken 20 seconds flying time yet. A few flights around 15-18 seconds though.

3 thoughts on “Community Volunteer work with Squirrel Model Airplanes

  1. Flying indoors requires a different motor. Outdoors people like to see a fast zooming climb to high altitude. Indoors the ceiling limits the climb. You need a thinner motor to give less torque. The thinner motor will also take more turns, giving more time in the air. Also, using a longer motor and stretch winding will get more turns and more time.

    I have used a 20 inch loop of 1/16″ rubber to get more than a minute under a 23 foot ceiling. This is an opportunity to teach the kids about motor sizing and its relation to performance. It is an opportunity to teach the importance of lube and stretch winding with a winder. You can get much longer flights with a lubed motor longer than the distance between the hook and the peg, stretch wound with a winder. Under a low ceiling, you will not be able to use the full winds of the motor and this is an opportunity to teach about overwinding and backing off.


  2. Hi Bill,

    Yeah, it will fly for a minute with some fiddling (probably much longer with an experienced modeler).

    But don’t forget, it needs to take some time when you’re dealing with a large group of newcomers (not to mention kids).


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