Cloud Tramp Cousins

I have found plans for seven similar Grant designs.

Edwin T. Hamilton, Complete Model Aircraft Manual (1933) presents Grant’s Minute Man Tractor in Chapter 21, page 219.  This is a 21″ span model with 1/32″ sheet surfaces.

Gary Hunter’s The Plan Page includes a series “Fundamentals of Model Airplane Building” by Hamilton (1934), using Grant designs, that includes No. 4, a 20″ span pylon model with 1/16″ sheet wings and 1/32″ sheet tail surfaces, No. 5, a 17 1/2″ version of the Cloud Tramp with all 1/32″ sheet surfaces and No. 6, a 26″ version with 1/32″ sheet surfaces.

Grant’s Aero Science of Free Flight  (1941, 1983) includes a design for a Stability Stick Model, Chapter 13, page 325, that is a 24″ span version with 1/32″ to 3/64″ sheet surfaces.

Chronologically next is the Cloud Tramp (1954) with 22″ span and 3/64″ surfaces.

Last is the 21″ span Basic Test Model using 1/16″ balsa or 1/32″ hardwood presented in Grant’s Gateway to Aero Science (1979).  This book is still available from the AMA book store.

A half size Cloud Tramp built from the half size plan is also an excellent flyer.  I’m afraid to push mine too hard outdoors, because I could easily lose sight of it.


4 thoughts on “Cloud Tramp Cousins

  1. I built a modified Cloud Tramp I call the Cloud Hobo. I moved the wing to the top of the fuselage and the rubber and prop to the bottom. I shortened the motor length, putting the rear hook just ahead of the rudder. I also reversed the wing outline, but that was a mistake. Here’s a link to my 2016 Grant Memorial flight.

  2. I have a Cloud Tramp and my issue is with the wing mount sytem Grant uses as it tends to shift if not carefully keyed. The keying is not in the plans as such. I prefer the wire clips of the Minute Man. My edition of Hamilton’s Book(It went through at least two with revisions) has a really nice Louis garami sheet prophile ROG with gull wings. It looks sharp and flys quite well. I have Grant’s book too with his emphasis on that “low C.L.A.”

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