CHOVITA is an Argentine rubber powered free flight airplane from July 1941. It is described as an ideal model for those who wish to make a start in aeromodeling.

I found this plan online.

It looked like a simple fun plane. I scaled it to the mm scale and printed it to about 14 1/2″ span.
I was trying to find out what the name CHOVITA means. This author tells of migrating as a boy from Soviet Poland to Argentina, where he bought a kit of this model. He says the name refers to a small local gull. X&ved=0ahUKEwiizvC-r8TLAhVJ3mMKHSwFDyY4ChDoAQhUMAc#v=onepage&q=chovita&f=false


A good match might be the Andean Gull, which lives in the mountains and is a high altitude flyer. Lots of good pictures online if you want to match coloration: white with black head and wingtips. 
I also found many links where it is a personal name.
Later I found this plan with instructions. It is in Spanish, but right click and click on Translate. Google does a good enough job that you can make it out.
The materials list gives 380 mm for the lengths of the wing spars. That is 14.96″ = 14 15/16″.
I rescaled the drawing so it will print out to 380 mm span.
Save. Open in PC Paint. Set printer to 100%, Portrait format. It should print on two sheets. Trim the edge of one, overlap and glue it to the other. Plan should be full size. I had to crop the mm scale out to get it to print.
The plan shows a 5″ prop, but a 6″ would be a better match to the wing area. You might want to make the landing gear a wee bit longer if you do that and want ROG flights.