Building session in Tavern

Yesterday I went to a Tavern for some building.

I met up with Scott who is a volunteer that helps with some of my model plane activities at community centers.

We went to Elmvale Tavern on Wellington in Ottawa. It’s a great venue because it’s fairly large. Scott was able to get one of his planes to do a complete circle a few times.

The venue was very interesting. It’s very old. The server talked a bit about his experience working there. He mentioned an old lady (perhaps in her 70’s or 80’s) that came in and told him that she met her husband in the tavern who is not dead. She met him in the days that there was segregation between men and women. One side of the Tavern was for women and the other was for men. That’s where there are two separate entrances he said, pointing to the two different doors in the venue.