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The AMA Cub was developed in 1968 by Frank Ehling, technical director of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), as a simple plane to introduce beginners to the hobby and sport of model aviation.  It is suitable for kids age 10 or older, younger with direct help.  It takes about an hour to build.  Wikipedia, Model Airplane, Entry Level, includes it in the list of the five most popular entry level model airplanes.

The Academy of Model Aeronautics has published a series of History Moments, including this one for Week 3 in October on the AMA Cub and its cousins:

It has been in production for many years and is the most widely built beginner model.  The version kitted by Sig Manufacturing and sold by the AMA is known as the AMA Cub.  Midwest Products makes a very similar, slightly smaller plane called the Delta Dart.  The following links tell more about this airplane, how to build and fly them and its educational value.

Building and Flying

There are several sets of building instructions.  I list them all because each has something a little different.

I might as well lead with our own comprehensive illustrated build and fly tutorial


Bill Kuhl’s sites give much background in addition to building and flying instructions

Gary Hinze note on building for proper balance

Canadian Cub instructions, note the supplemental steps A-E to the right

First Flight Delta Dart building instructions

Eli Whitney Museum assembly instructions

South African Model Aircraft Association Cub plan with instructions

Dave’s flight video

Williams book

Sources of Kits

Look around these sites for other things.

AMA Store

Sig Manufacturing Store

Midwest Delta Dart kit

British Model Flying Association Dart and others

Great Canadian Cub kit

Trillium Balsa, Canada


Use in Educational Programs

British Model Flying Association Education Programme

First Flights Program

Whitney Museum Aeromodeling Club

Canadian Cub Scouts building Canadian Cubs, in pictures

Thayer Syme’s site

AMA Cub Program document

Kettle Moraine Middle School Program, Wales, WI

Delta Dart Teachers’ guide

Mansfield Middle School Flight Camp, Storrs, CT

Pennsylvania State College Radio Control Club elementary school Delta Dart model building class


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