Alternate propeller mount for Squirrel model plane

I received these nice pictures from Brandon Kong who made up a good way of mounting a propeller.

I have just finished building your Squirrel design from scrap balsa , a 5 inch propeller, and some F.
A. I Super sport rubber 3/16. (I know 3/16 is too thick but I didn’t have anything lying around). I hade to make my own propeller attachment that add a lot of weight to the nose, it is pretty nose heavy. It weighs about 8 grams.

Although some of the balsa thicknesses did not match, the Squirrel flew for almost 10 seconds on about 100 winds of the propeller!

None of my other kits were so easy to build and flew as long as the squirrel, I am confident that on 400 or so winds, the Squirrel will reach over 30 second flight times.

Thank you for the design and video series on the flying Squirrel, it is the most simple, yet challenging model planes ever invented!

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