Air Cadets School

Here’s a report from Alp in Turkey.

As known, I was at the Air Cadets School on Nov. 7’th. and I got the last place in the classifying.
I had built a Papota at first, but wasn’t successful. Then, I built two more models in the same size with Papota,
but those were so successful (!) that I would be the winner in “aerobatics” if there would be such a catagory!

After returning back, I discarded the wings, and inspiring from the Denny-Dart Mk-II, built a 30×6.50 cm wing
with 5 sliced cambered ribs. For the propeller, I employed a toothpick, a piece of earpick and cut the blades
out of a yoghurt cup.

I tested the model outside of my very small workshop. It was after a storm-like southwestern wind lasting a couple of days
and very light whiffs were still causing turbulent flows from the roofs of the surrounding buildings. We, however, made
some nice flights on the intervals of null wind. It flew nice with a radius of circa 8 meters of a gentle left turning.

I am now, planning to test the model at the sportshall of the university, and then agrandize it by 3/2 times using
conventional ribs for outdoor use…

See you!

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