23rd Annual Worldwide Postal Competition 2014/2015

23rd Annual Worldwide Postal Competition 2014/2015

Welcome to another year of non-stressing, friendly, and laid back competition.
This year will see some major changes in the categories available. We will
continue to include the past categories as many still are familiar with those, and
wish to continue flying in those categories.

I have been asked to take over the “Tiny Glider Postal”, so it looks like we will
have 6 and 8 inch wingspan flying in catapult and hand launched gliders.

I have had requests to have FAC type events, and will now include those, with
the exception of the mass launch varieties.

We will continue to have the KK Senator and Cloud Tramp events also. Those
are just too traditional to see them going away.

Please note a format change in rules below. Rules are the same. I just
thought things might be easier to understand this way. For clarification, see last year’s rules HERE.

I’m sorry this notice came out a few days late, but it seemed that participation
had waned to the point that there was little or no interest. The Postal time frame
remains the same, 1 July 2014 through 30 June of the following year.

I will be emailing or using snail mail to send the final results to all the
participants. Please pass on that this event does need more participants of all
ages. Pass along my email address, so that those people you contact can let me
know they are interested, and so I can email an announcement to them. The
Postal can only continue if those participating spread the word.

When you report your results, please don’t wait until the absolute last day to
send them in. Do send them in when you get full results on a particular
model/category. Please include the following information: event, times, model name,
wingspan (measured as per plan), and anything else you might want to add about
your flights. I would love to see pictures of either your models, of you preparing
for flight, or flying them. Photos are great to include in the results.

One thing to remember about our Postal, is that you don’t have to complete all
your flights on a particular model on the same day. We all know the hazards of
flying our light and fragile models. Models can get damaged or just plain
broken, and need repair to fly again. Weather can intrude very quickly. Or the
dreaded airplane eater, otherwise known as a tree, can ruin your day.

‘Vintage/Oldtimer’ classes are for designs authenticated to have been flying
outdoors prior to December 31st., 1950, even though plan publication may be of a later date in any kit, commercial magazine, SAM publication, club newsletter, etc.
Multiple entries with different models may be made in all events but flights in one
event may not be ‘doubled up’ with any other class for which a given model is
eligible – separate flights, please.

To maximize flying opportunities there is ample scope for rubber models and
gliders to be flown in multiple events and you are encouraged to take stopwatch,
pencil and notepad with you each time you go to your local field, or to a contest,
as an added incentive to your flying enjoyment. Bear in mind, also, that any
number of individual models may be flown in any event for which they are

Please send entries/scores/reports/results to me via email, as this helps to
reduce overall costs, eases communications and enables wider distribution of
submitted photos. Please return your entries to:

Caley Ann Hand, 6639 Datura Avenue, Twentynine Palms, California 92277, USA

or use the Contact page at the Worldwide Postal Website.

GOOD FLYING – GOOD LUCK – and … above all … HAVE FUN!

Caley Hand

Event/Category; Note; Wingspan; # of Flights; Max; Flyoff Increment
20” Rubber 20” or less 3 60 60
25” Rubber Up to 25” 3 60 60
30” Vintage/Old Timer Up to 30” 3 90 30
42” Vintage/Old Timer 30 to 42” 3 120 30
P-30 (Open) 30” and less 3 120 60
Freewheel Rubber Up to 36” 3 90 30
Unlimited Rubber Up to 42” 3 120 60
KK Senator (per plan) # 3 120 60
Cloud Tramp 8” Prop # 5 No Maximum, Discard High and Low
Small Bungee Glider (1) Up to 36” 3 60 60
Small Catapult/HL Glider (2) 12” and less 6 60 30
Large Catapult/HL Glider (2) Over 12” 6 60 30
Novice Stick Fuselage +
Example: Phantom Flash
18” and less 3 45 15
Novice Built Up Fuselage
Example: Pussycat
18” and less 3 45 15
Novice P-30 + 30” and less 3 90 30
FAC Embryo % 3 120 30
FAC Dimescale % 3 120 30
FAC Low Winged Trainer % 3 120 30
FAC Golden Age % 3 120 30
FAC Modern Civilian % 3 120 30
FAC Modern Military % 3 120 30
FAC Pioneer Scale % 3 120 30
FAC Jimmy Allen % 3 120 30
FAC Old Time Stick % 3 120 30
FAC Old Time Fuselage % 3 120 30
FAC ½ Wakefield % 3 120 30
FAC 2 Bit + 1 OTR Fuselage % 3 120 30
FAC Phantom Flash % 3 60 30
FAC No-Cal % 3 60 30
FAC Catajet % 3 60 30
FAC Jumbo Scale % 3 120 30
FAC Giant Scale % 3 120 30
Tiny Gliders 6” HLG 3 60 30
Tiny Gliders 8” HLG 3 60 30
Tiny Gliders 6” CLG (2) 3 90 30
Tiny Gliders 8” CLG (2) 3 90 30


* Flyoff increments to be followed by the same until you cannot make the next max increment.

+ Novices are any person having less than 3 years experience. I primarily
created these events to encourage youngsters to participate, but older beginners are welcome.

# Propellers may be carved wood or plastic.

! To be fair, many of us botch a launch and break an airplane, so we will not
count flights less than 10 seconds. You are not required to fly all of your flights in a category on
the same day. We know weather can be a problem, or that a tree might jump out and grab one of
your models, or you might have a very long recovery, and not be able to finish up your flights due
to darkness.

% Use the FAC rule book to build your models to those specifications. You
DO NOT have to ROG for those categories that FAC normally requires that. We know not every
can carry a big table to where they are flying.

(1) Bungee will consist of two parts, a 22.5 meter towline and 7.5 meters of
1/8″ rubber.

(2) Catapult launchers will consist of a handle no longer than 6″ and a
9″ loop of 1/4″ rubber or 9″ loop of two strands of 1/8″ rubber.

NOTE: Caley Hand has set up a web site for the Worldwide Postal Competition. Rules and results will be posted here. There is a contact page.


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